PPI 63-71

They are suitable for transferring liquids containing impurities up to 0.03 mm in size.
Their hydraulic components: impeller, feed screw and pump body in brass allow them to be used with emulsions and oily substances, glycol and liquids in general provided they are not oxidative for the construction materials.
Viscosity must not exceed 21 cST (3° Engel).
The temperature of the liquid must not exceed 90°C.
When using diathermic oil, the fluid temperature can reach 150°C.

They are commonly used on:
- temperature regulation systems

They are normally installed on a tank with a capacity which is proportional to their flow rate, about 3-4 cm from the bottom.
It is important to make sure that the maximum liquid level in the tank is always 3-4 cm lower than the support flange.
For different uses, please consult our Technical Office.

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